When I attended the GC mission meeting and heard the presentation given by Pastor David Garza about the work that was going on in Matamoros Mexico, it really gripped my heart. In the days after the meeting I felt stirred about the great need of the 1500 people living in a dump. So after praying about the opportunity, my wife and I both believed I needed to go and minister Christ to these people.
I saw firsthand that this part of Mexico is war-zone. The Government police (Federales) are constantly patrolling the city and region in convoys in pickup trucks with 50 caliber machine guns mounted on them. You always see them at shopping centers or escorting trucks with gasoline or other goods. They are fighting the organized crime syndicate known as the Cartel. This brand of mafia is very active in most of the business of the people. Many, including children and youth, work for this crime network. I never had any fear, for I knew I was under God’s protection doing His will.
Ministering to the Mexican people was an absolute joy. The people were happy and excited to receive the meal we served them and all the gifts given. The expressions on the children and their families was heartwarming. In the midst of very difficult circumstances, it was refreshing to see the people so thankful and joyful. It was very easy to lead the people in worship and share the word of God with them. We were able to do some special music with the children as well, with the help of Pastor Martha Garza.
I strongly believe this region of the world is a great harvest field ready to be reaped. One thing I love to do is minister to people who are hungry for God. It was easy to share Jesus with these people. Sometimes, desperate circumstances create great opportunity for the Gospel.
This scripture comes to heart when I think about the Mexican People;

John 35: “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest ‘? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.”

The good report is that the mission of delivering the presents that were donated and prepared with much love and care was accomplished. The Love of Christ that motivated everyone at Generation Changers Church to participate in the Mexico Miracle was received by the children and their families. You could sense the tangible presence of the love of God as the team was giving the presents and ministering. It was a real privilege to be an extension of Christ’s Body from Nashville, letting these dear people know that they’re loved by God and by His people.

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