Hello Everybody!

It is time to pack up and GO again!

To our beloved Estonia!

This time we will leave on May 17th and return on August 29th.

We are all excited about going. Even Ryan, our 9-year-old. He has learned the Estonian National Anthem and is singing it from time to time. He is working on mastering the Estonian language as well.

Since returning to Nashville as full time missionaries in 2011, we have been taking short term missions trips to Estonia for the last 3 years of 3 month or more).

The last two years we have lived in the city of Tallinn, which is the capitol of Estonia. We have had some ministry opportunities in and near Tallinn, but we also travelled all over Estonia, including southern parts.

This time we feel led to move back to southern Estonia, to city of Viljandi, which was our home town 10 years ago, prior to living in Tallinn.

We have some opportunities to minister in this region of Estonia and have a good group of Christian friends there.

Mostly, we preach and teach the Word in different churches, also Kris ministers in special music and together we lead worship sometimes in different events and meetings.

We feel it is our privilege to go and encourage churches in Estonia and other places in Europe.

We believe God will make this trip fruitful!

Keep us in prayers!

In Christ,

Kris and Raili


Kris Robbie

Minister in word and song

Robbie 2 I met my wife Raili in Estonia in 1994 on my first trip to that nation. She was our translator and we fell in love during that time and got married one year later in my hometown of Nashville Tennessee.

Shortly after our marriage we had a strong desire and vision to do missionary work in Estonia. We started our work in the summer of 1996 and it continues till this day.

It has been our privilege to be involved in many different areas of ministry including, preaching and teaching the Bible, singing and leading worship and doing media ministry through radio programs. We also started a church there in 2004, and were pastors for 3 years ,before giving it over to another missionary couple.

(Estonia is a small Eastern European country, which was occupied by USSR until 1991. Since then there has been freedom to share the Gospel, and many people have received Christ. It is our desire to help those believers to mature in God , by teaching the Bible.)

During the last two trips our focus has been sharing the Word and ministering in music to different churches all over the nation, Also, we have remained very connected with the christian community in the city of Viljandi were we use to be pastors. It is a thrill to see people we have worked with in the past going on with the Lord.

On May 26th we will return to Estonia for the summer and get to do more of what we have been doing the last two trips. We have several meetings scheduled in Finland as well where we will be doing worship and special music. During this trip we have plans to begin production of some Christian music videos and TV programs with the Life TV Network. Raili was translating Joyce Meyer programs for them for two and a half years. We have always had TV ministry in our hearts and it is time to began with more actual production. We will be sharing more about this on the blog so stay tuned!

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